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Carpet Stretching is not a service that many cleaning services company offer. And in that Planet Cleaning Care offers this as a speciality service. Now you may ask what is carpet stretching or why is it needed to be done?

Carpet stretching happens in cases where heavy furniture is placed, or heavy things are moved constantly on the carpet and of course high traffic areas in terms of constantly walking on it.

Carpet stretching is actually a type of carpet repair. It is done in a way to repair or protect the carpet from further damage and in a way it is an economical way to help retain the existing carpet. If the problem is not addressed, then a complete carpet replacement would be necessary.

Carpet Laying Melbourne

A carpet stretching would be required if you notice these issues with your carpet:

  • 1. An area of the carpet has burned or melted
  • 2. There are some indelible stains and it looks unsightly and not easy to remove
  • 3. Discoloration in a certain section of the carpet
  • 4. The carpet becomes loose and in a way looks like it has lost its elasticity
  • 5. The carpet is worn out and showing signs of fraying in parts
  • 5. The carpet’s seam area is exposed and seen
  • 6. And the carpet in sections is bunching up or wrinkling

As part of our carpet repair and stretching services, the carpet experts of Planet Cleaning Care carry out the stretching process and in a way,

In a way, they pull up the ends of the carpet and pull it together till it becomes taut and tight and whatever is left after pulling it out the technician cuts away the excess and puts it back in place. And it is secured in such a way that future chances of the carpet relaxing or getting loose will not happen. And for this to be undertaken, special skill sets, equipment and tools will be needed and only cleaning services companies like ours, who offer it can take care of it

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