Carpet Steam Cleaning Keysborough

Looking for reliable tint cleaners and carpet cleaners in Keysborough that will bring back your rugs and carpets to their previous glory?

Planet Cleaning Care Keysborough provides a professional rug and carpet cleaning services that combine carpet steam cleaning, stain treatment and carpet fabric protection methods to provide you with the decisive solution for your carpets and rugs in Keysborough.

What does the rug and carpet cleaning comprise?

Carpet Cleaning in Keysborough ensures your rugs and carpets will be thoroughly inspected. The rug cleaners or carpet steam cleaners will see if there are any space that need special pre-treatment. They will vacuum the carpet entirely before proceeding with the deep rug and carpet cleaning services.

Depending on the carpet’s fabric and the type of grime that needs to be removed, the team can clean your carpet or rug by using one of the following methods:

Carpet Steam Cleaning Keysborough

Dry Carpet Cleaning: This cleaning technique is ideal for carpets and rugs of a delicate fabric. It is suitable for those, as it includes the use hot water steam cleaning and it does not pose a risk of shrinking to the textile. We use this method in rug cleaning as well.

The Carpet Steam cleaning service involves the use of non-toxic agent, which is rubbed into the fabric with a rotating machine and then, extracted with a powerful vacuum cleaner. The Carpet Steam Cleaners or rug cleaners will infuse hot steam into the carpet’s fibers under high pressure. The steam will, then, be instantaneously extracted together with impurities and germs. The steam removal provides an excellent cleaning of the fibers and requires 2-4 hours of drying time, depending on the textile type in Keysborough.

Benefits of our carpet cleaning services:

  • • Specialized clean, suited to your carpet’s precise fabric need
  • • Mildew carpet and rug cleaning that uses only natural agents
  • • Safe for pets, children and persons with breathing problems
  • • Flexible working schedule
  • • We’ll prolong the cleanliness of your carpets and rugs
  • • Protection should be reapplied after every professional carpet cleaning session.

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